Gymnastics is to sport what the alphabet is to reading. 

Gymnastics programs promotes and encourages the importance of children developing fundamental movement skills at a young age, encouraging them to develop health habits and a lifelong love of physical activity. 

The benefits of recreational gymnastics are enormous – children learn balance, correct posture, stability, how to use their body, all couched within a fun, safe, ‘play to learn’ environment. 
As teachers, you play a vital role in helping children explore and play with movement, helping them to understand their environment and their place within it. 

The online LaunchPad Teacher Training program has been designed to support you to enhance your skills and knowledge of fundamental movement and its relationship to physical activity and brain development.

In this online course, you’ll learn about:

Neuro-nastics –the relationship between physical movement and brain development
Dominant Movement Patterns and fundamental shapes, the building blocks of all gymnastics activities
How to teach gymnastics skills safely, including key coaching points and error correction.

At the end of the course you will be better equipped to: 

Teach, progress and regress fundamental gymnastics skills
Understand the linkages between physical activity and brain development
Deliver safe and fun gymnastics sessions for your students.


The course is $129 (includes GST) to complete and can be covered by Sport Australia’s Sporting Schools funding for professional development purposes.


To enrol in the course, please click here to download our How to Guide to get you started. 

To speak to someone to learn more about the LaunchPad Teacher Training email [email protected]  

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