If you do not currently hold a Gymnastics Australia Coaching accreditation you need to either register for the Beginner Coaching Course or apply for an application through the recognition of prior learning (RPL) process. To register for the Beginner Coaching Course follow the steps below.

Registration for the Beginner Coaching Course
To complete any coaching courses you must create an account in Gymnastics Australia’s Learning Management System (LMS), select courses and pay for courses online.

Step 1: Register in the online learning system
• Visit the online registration page
• Select ‘New account’ to register as a new user.
• Complete the registration process.
• Please note that your username must be an email address.

Step 2: Register for the Beginner Online Course
• Go to ‘Find Courses’.
• Select the course ‘Beginner Coach Online’.
• Click Purchase, Add to Cart and follow the payment process. You will be required to pay $100 by credit card. (This fee includes your first year technical membership payment.)
• To find out more about what you will learn in the course click here.

Step 3: Complete the Beginner Online Course
• Open the course, read all of the content and complete all assessments.
• On achieving 100% in the assessment tasks, you will be competent for this part of the course.
• Now you can register for a face to face course.

Step 4: Register for the Beginner Face to Face Course
• You will only be able to register for a Beginner Face to Face Course if you have successfully completed the online course.
• Go to ‘Find Courses’.
• Select ‘Beginner Coach Face to Face Courses’ and select a course in your State.
• Follow process as detailed in Step 2 for payment by credit card. (Fees vary per State.)

Step 5: Complete the Beginner Face to Face Course
• Attend the course and complete all assessment tasks.
• If you successfully complete all assessments, you are competent and an accredited Beginner Coach. To find out more about what you can do as a Beginner Coach click here.
• If you are unsuccessful in your assessments, you will receive instructions on what to do next.

What to do next?
You need to find a certified Supervisor to supervise you while you are coaching. Remember you cannot coach without supervision until you are an Intermediate Coach.

You will also receive a copy of the Intermediate Pre-Course Workbook. You only need to complete the intermediate Pre-Course workbook if you want to become an Intermediate Coach. You need to work with a certified supervisor to complete the workbook. When this is complete and has been approved you will be able to register for the Intermediate Online Course.