2019 GymSport Awards - Gymnastics for All 

On Monday, May 18, Gymnastics Australia (GA) announced the winners of the 2019 Gymnastics for All (GfA) GymSport Awards. 

The winners of the 2019 awards were announced and congratulated via GA's Facebook and Instagram pages

Volunteer of the Year - Namoi Nye
Congratulations to Naomi Nye for being named the 2019 recipient of the GfA Volunteer of the Year Award.

Naomi’s passion to see the success of Gymnastics for All in Australia was highlighted in 2019 with her leadership on the KinderGym Working Group.

Naomi also dedicated hours of her time by providing event support at the National Clubs Carnival on the Gold Coast and club support at the World Gymnaestrada in Dorbin, Austria. It is through these positive contributions that Naomi has made that has allowed more opportunities for all GfA members nationally.

Congratulations and thank you Naomi.

GfA Coach of the Year - Jennifer Rowland
Congratulations Jennifer Rowland for being named the 2019 recipient of the GfA Coach of the Year Award In 2019, Jennifer showcased her skills, knowledge and commitment to GfA across dozens of different programs and initiatives.

Beginning the year by presenting and promoting Display Gymnastics and TeamGym at the Queensland Congress, Jennifer worked tirelessly throughout 2019 to grow the TeamGym program by implementing new rules, running workshops and playing an important role within the GfA advisory group. On top of this, Jennifer runs and assists all GfA sports within her club – Mackay Gymnastics.

Believing that Gymnastics is for every individual, Jennifer wants to provide more courses and workshops to inspire clubs to deliver their own programs and encourage more people to take part in GfA.

Congratulations once again.

GfA KinderGym Coach of the Year - Wendy Nicol
Congratulations to Wendy Nicol for being named the 2019 recipient of the GfA KinderGym Coach of the Year Award.

Seeing the importance of physical literacy and early childhood development, Wendy put her heart into developing KinderGym programs at Lang Park PCYC in 2019.

Looking for new and innovative ways to deliver the program, Wendy can take great pride in the growth in KinderGym participation and community engagement having developed lesson plans and new ways of encouraging children to learn and play in the KinderGym environment.

These resources and ideas lead to new coaching courses being introduced in Queensland and been a significant contribution to the KinderGym Advisory group.

Congratulations and thank you Wendy.

Lance Otto Award - Ben Cork
Congratulations to Ben Cork for being named the 2019 recipient of the GfA Lance Otto Award.

For many years, Ben has given hours of professionalism and dedication to the growth of Gymnastics for All in Australia. Ben’s work and contribution to the TeamGym Working Group, World Gymaestrada, the National Clubs Carnival and his leadership within the FreeG working group has seen significant advances in the opportunities for gymnasts to stay involved and engaged in the sport.

Congratulations and thank you Ben.