2019 Athlete Coding Guide (Gymsport and Level changes):
To be implemented from 3 January 2019

Gymnastics Australia would like to announce the release of the 2019 Athlete Coding Guide.  These codes are to be used for all 2019 athlete registrations commencing on 3 January 2019.

Clubs need to ensure they are following the 2019 Athlete Coding Guide to ensure their Athletes are coded to the latest and correct Gymsports and Levels on Gymnastics Online (GOL) and the national gymnastics database.

It is important that Athletes are in their most up to date and correct Gymsport and Levels for the following reasons:
  • To be accepted in competition registrations.
  • For the Gymnastics Online, Club Admin Portal, Websites and the National Gymnastics database to work well.
  • For annual statistics 
  • For grant and funding applications.
  • For accurate reporting.
  • To support targeted marketing & communication.
  • To help the sport to effectively monitor Gymsports and make informed decisions.
  • To help the sport to track the growth of Gymsports.

Clubs should ensure all current athletes:
  1. Have at least one Gymsport and Level on their profile at all times.
  2. Only have the latest Gymsport(s) and Level(s) displayed in their profile.
  3. Only have one Level per Gymsport except where specified in the 2019 Athlete Coding Guide.
  4. Do not have decommissioned athlete codes listed on an athlete’s profile.  Please note that decommissioned codes have been listed in the 2019 Athlete Coding Guide
  5. Meet any age restrictions for any age based Athlete Codes.  Please note that age restrictions have been defined in the 2019 Athlete Coding Guide for some codes.
  6. Do not have duplicate Gymsport and Levels listed in their profiles.

To keep Athlete Codes up to date, Clubs can add, update or remove athlete codes by using one of the following methods in the Club Admin Portal:
  • Club Admin Home> Administration> Bulk Renew 
  • Club Admin Home> Reports> Current Year Athletes (incl. Gymsports)
  • Club Admin Home> Reports> Current Year Multi-Club Athletes
  • Club Admin Home> Club Information> Club Athlete Search
  • Club Admin Home> Bad Data> Incorrect Athlete Code – All Registered Athletes
  • Club Admin Home> Bad Data> Missing Athlete Code – All Registered Athletes
  • Club Admin Home> Administration> Club Import (only can add Gymsports with this method)

In all methods apart from the Club Import, a table with Gymsport, Level and Date will be displayed usually under an Athlete Gymsport Activities header.

Please note that earlier in 2018, a new athlete code solution was introduced which automatically supersedes Athlete Codes once it is recorded that an Athlete has attained a higher level for their Gymsport as per the Athlete Code rules. 

For more assistance:
  1. Read the FAQs in the 2019 Athlete Coding Guide as this contains all the information that Clubs need to know!
  2. Have a look at the frameworks and other information relating to Gymsports.
  3. Have a look at the Managing Athlete Gymsports & Levels information page.
  4. Have a look at our Getting Started as a Club Administrator page.
  5. Please contact your local State or Territory Gymnastics Association if you need any assistance with figuring out which Gymsport and levels to code your Club’s athletes.
  6. Please raise a support ticket for support with entering and updating athlete codes.