Gymnastics Australia recognised among FIG’s Meritorious Federations for 2016

Gymnastics Australia has been recognised as one of the top ten ‘Meritorious federations’ for 2016 by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

At the meeting of the FIG Executive Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland in February, the Meritorious Federations for 2016 were formally recognised as per the FIG’s Rules for annual rewards to meritorious Federations.

Gymnastics Australia will receive 5,000 CHF (approximately $6,500 AUD) prize money for ranking as the eighth most Meritorious Federations for 2016.

The top ten Meritorious Federations as recognised by the FIG for 2016 are listed below:

1. Germany
2. Portugal
3. China
4. Japan
5. Great Britain
6. Bulgaria
7. Azerbaijan
8. Australia
9. South Africa
10. Belarus

Meritorious Federations are ranked on a points-based system, which awards Federations for participating in World Championships and other FIG-sanctioned events, organising FIG-sanctioned competitions, Congresses, Academies and the like, and respecting various registration deadlines.  Points may also be deducted by the violation of any rules as set by the FIG.

To see the full criteria for the Annual Rewards to Meritorious Federations, please click here.