Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability insurance addresses the exposures and wrongdoings that clubs and associations face every day, including:

- Discrimination
- Harassment
- Wrongful termination
- Libel and slander
- Misrepresentations
- Employee Theft
- Inefficient administration or supervision

When members or volunteers give their time and energy to a club, they want to make certain they are not risking their personal or the organisation’s financial security. That’s why Clubs need a Management Liability policy. It provides protection for members or volunteers and the organisation in the event of legal action.

The JLT National Risk Protection Programme covers Private Businesses (with an ABN) and Community Organisations for Management Liability. However Community Organisations are only covered if the club is incorporated, individual committee members run the risk of exposing their home, car and or financial assets if the club is not incorporated or their incorporation is not up to date. 

For incorporation information for your state, please refer to your state’s Consumer Affairs or Fair Trade website. Information can also be found in the “Incorporated Clubs” information sheet available through the Club 10 Resource Library.

For more information please see the document below.