National Integrity Framework - Participants

Being involved in the sport of gymnastics is as rewarding as it is inspiring.

The following resources and fact sheets have been developed by either Gymnastics Australia or Sport Integrity Australia to support you understand the expected behaviours of everyone involved in gymnastics in Australia. 

Member Protection Policy – Fact Sheet

Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy – Fact Sheet

Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy – Fact Sheet

Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy – Fact Sheet

Safeguarding – How your sport looks after kids (Age 7 – 12)

Safeguarding – How your sport looks after you (Age 13 – 17)

Safeguarding – How your sport looks after all its participants (Age 13 – 17)

Raising the Bar Poster 

Raise a concern

Gymnastics Australia’s dedicated National Complaints Manager can help you. 

Did you know Gymnastics Australia has a dedicated National Complaints Manager? Their role is to listen to your concerns regarding Child Safeguarding, and is available to all members of the gymnastics community.  They can also help you should your concern relate to other integrity related issues within our sport. 

To contact Gymnastics Australia’s  National Complaints Manager: