Olympian Stephanie Moorhouse returns to Gymnastics Australia

Stephanie Moorhouse has been involved with gymnastics since the age of four then began to compete both at national and international events since 1999.

Fast forward to 2019, with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the sport as an Olympian and Commonwealth Games elite gymnast, Moorhouse joins the Gymnastics Australia office, taking up the position of Performance Health and Athlete Management Systems (AMS) Manager within the High Performance team.

“The reason I came back into the sport and Gymnastics Australia is because I love the sport and want to help the athletes reach their goals. I want to support the athletes and ensure they have the best possible opportunity to succeed,” Moorhouse explained. 

“My role is to ensure we are assisting the gymnasts and programs with a supportive and collaborative team around them." 

Understanding the importance of assistance both on and off the floor, Moorhouse sees the key to success is an all-round life approach to training and competition.

“We need to make sure we are monitoring the athletes training and lifestyles better, to ensure they are physically and mentally healthy. This will hopefully also follow through into competition success, but also a happy person in sport and life.

“Elite Gymnastics is a very tough sport, but the rewards and skills you learn from it for life are worth all the hard work.

“I am very passionate about looking after our athletes and ensuring they have a positive experience in the sport,” Moorhouse said.

In 2002, Moorhouse made her senior debut and in that same year she was a part of the gold medal team at the Australian National Championships. She also competed at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival in 2003 and brought home a handful of medals. She won gold on uneven bars, balance beam and floor and followed that with silver in all-around and team.

Moorhouse represented Australia at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens where she helped her team to finish 8th and placed 20th in all-around. After these Games, Stephanie retired from elite gymnastics but continued to be involved with the sport until recently stepping away to pursue other things.

“Stepping out of Gymnastics for a few years has given me time to grow as a person, build my skill set and experiences that I can now bring back to Gymnastics Australia and share with the athletes.

“It has made me realise how special our sport is and what incredible opportunities it can give you, if you have the right support around you,” she said.

Gymnastics Australia welcomes Stephanie Moorhouse to the team and look forward to 2019.