Gymnastics in Australia has its biggest year yet

Gymnastics has been on the rise around the country over the last few years and in 2018, the sport has seen its biggest and best year yet. 

Highlighting growth and engagement, Gymnastics Australia saw a record high number of registered athletes with 239,342, an impressive 9% increase for 2018. 

With the number of athletes continuing to grow, so too are the numbers in coaches and judges. A total of 6720 new coaches were registered last year, which equalled a huge increase of 15%, with a total of 11,279 Coaching Accreditations for 2018. Judges saw the same increase of 15%, with 3291 Judge Accreditations recorded. 

Across the country, Gymnastics Australia had an overall of 627 affiliated clubs, a 2% growth on the previous year. Even individual clubs saw membership increases, with 10 recording over 2000 athletes. 

Gold Coast Gymnastics Club Inc was the largest club in the country with a massive 4111 athletes registered. Gymnastics For All was the largest discipline with a total of 151,741 involved in 2018. 

Looking behind the general membership and participation, the national high performance team also saw great success in 2018.

The Gold Coast in Queensland was the lucky host of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which was an overall greatly successful event for Australian gymnasts. Across Men’s Artistic, Women’s Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics, Australia came away with a fantastic total of nine medals. 

“As an organisation we are incredibly proud of the achievements all our athletes, officials and volunteers made in 2018,” said Gymnastics Australia CEO, Kitty Chiller.

“From KinderGym to High Performance, our successes show continued record growth and participation which is an outstanding milestone.

“Gymnastics as a sport has the opportunity for an incredible future as we look towards implementing the Government’s Sport2030 plan and the qualification pathway to Tokyo.

“Our relationship with our states and stakeholders has never been stronger and I look forward to the possibilities that a new year presents for Gymnastics in Australia.”

In what was a successful year for Gymnastics in Australia, we are grateful for all the participation and support across all of our gym sports around the country at all levels and look forward to what we can all achieve together in 2019.