Men's Junior Training Camps conducted at NCE in December

Gymnastics Australia have conducted two junior men’s training camps at the NCE, Canberra (AIS) in recent weeks.

The Team Future Advanced (TFA) ran from 30 Nov – 3 Dec with 21 gymnasts & 11 Coaches from 11 Programs across the country. Gymnasts (aged 11-14 years) were selected from Australian Championships, National Clubs & Junior National Coach Program Visits throughout 2018. The Camp provided an opportunity for gymnasts & coaches to work on Basic Skills & Sequences as well as key optional skill development. 

Gymnasts completed a Profile (Strength) Test during the Camp and concluded with an optional skills show with an impressive array of optional skills performed.  Best performers in the Profile Testing were:
  • 14-15 years         1st Sandy Hardiman (VIC HPP) & Matthew Roberts (High Flyers WA); 3rd Reilly Flanagan (QLD HPC)
  • 12-13 years         1st Matthew Davies (QLD HPC); =2nd Ethen McGreal (Manly), Eli Pullen (QLD HPC) & Max Langdon (Sydney Hills)
  • 10-11 years         1st Xavier Magnanini (VIC HPP); 2nd Ritam Malik (Sydney Hills); 3rd Csongor Keszei (Canberra City)

The Camp was conducted by Junior National Coach, John Curtin, with expert technical support from Sergei Chinkar.

The Junior National Squad Camp was another cracker with gymnasts continuing to push the boundaries with new skill development throughout the week, culminating in an excitement skill show on Saturday. These young gymnasts performed numerous high level difficulty elements which we hope to see in competition routines in 2019. 

Best performed gymnasts in the Profile Testing were:
    16-17 years         1st Jack Hall (NSW HPC); 2nd Kipp Smith (VIC HPP); 3rd Nick Matthews (SA JETS)
  • 14-15 years         =1st Jesse Moore (SA JETS) & James Hardy (QLD HPC); 3rd Joshua Swanepoel (QLD HPC)

The camp also provided the opportunity to confirm assignments for the Houston Junior International Team Cup to be held in USA from 18-19 January.
  • The Australian Team for this event will be: Jack Hall (NSW HPC), James Hardy (QLD HPC), Jesse Moore (SA JETS), Kipp Smith (VIC HPP)
  • Officials: John Curtin (Manager / Judge) & Coaches: Jake Houtby (QLD), Dion Pocklington (VIC), Paul Szyjko (SA)

Good luck to the Team as they prepare across the Christmas / New Year period to depart in mid-January 2019 for Texas USA.

The junior camps continue to be an exciting training environment for these young gymnasts & their coaches with the standard of gymnastics continuing to show significant improvements.

Congratulations to all participants for making such great contributions to the camps & particularly for the tremendous preparation done in home programs prior to arrival in Canberra.