National Risk Protection Program (NRRP)

Gymnastics Australia's National Risk Protection Program (the Program) includes a range of insurance products and services that apply to Affiliated Clubs who choose to be part of the Program.

For currently Affiliated Clubs who are part of the Program, please read the following important information regarding 2018 Insurance Cover and access to your Clubs Certificate of Currency.

2018 Insurance Cover

        a. General liability, Professional Indemnity and Management Liability cover is provided to affiliated clubs who, upon approval of 2018 Club Affiliation, have paid all applicable insurance premiums within the Program.
        b. Clubs who are approved and/or pay the premiums PRIOR to 31 March 2018, in accordance with State Association procedures, receive cover from 31 December 2017 to 31 December 2018.  For example: a club that is approved on 15 February 2018 will be covered from 31 December 2017 to 31 December 2018.
        c. Clubs who are approved and/or pay the premiums AFTER 31 March 2018 in accordance with State Association procedures will receive cover from the JOIN DATE* to 31 December 2018.  For example: a club is approved or makes payment on 3 April 2018 will receive cover from 3 April 2018 to 31 December 2018.
        d. Clubs who DO NOT purchase Insurance through the Program will be excluded from General Liability, Professional Indemnity and Management Liability cover within the Policy Period.  These clubs must comply with the National Insurance Minimum Requirements as outlined in the Affiliation process.

*Note: JOIN DATE refers to the nominated date of the club's affiliation approval.  This date is nominated by the State Association and recorded in Gymnastics Australia's National Database.

        a. Personal Accident cover is provided to members who are registered on Gymnastics Australia's National Database (GOL) in accordance with the National Membership Database Policy.
        b. To ensure claims can be processed efficiently, clubs must ensure all participants in gymnastics programs are registered on the National Database (GOL) with all applicable details recorded accurately.
        c. Personal Accident insurance premiums are built into Gymnastics Australia and State / Territory Association membership fees.  Clubs are advised to ensure all fees are paid and receipted accordingly for all participants where applicable.

Certificate of Currency

To access your Clubs Certificate of Currency you will be required to complete the online Risk Education Module via the Marsh website.

Once you have completed the Risk Education Module (a series of multiple choice questions) you will have access to your Certificate of Currency.

If you require a Certificate of Currently prior to January 2018, please contact Marsh directly on 1300 306 383 or email