The Pathways team at GA provides targeted support for developing elite athletes, coaches and programs in the Olympic gymsports of Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline Gymnastics. Specifically, the Pathways team aim to enhance talent identification and recruitment throughout the country using a range of strategies. The aim is to support the development of athletes to become members of GA’s National programs and Olympic teams in the future.

The Pathways team provide leadership and guidance for the gymnastics implementation of the Australian athlete development framework, the FTEM model, developed by the Australian Institute of Sport. Applying this model to each unique gymsport has given us a clear understanding of both the number and quality of athletes required at each level of the pathway to sustain the success of GA’s National teams in the future.

Pathways programs include the Team Future high performance development program, and the Spin to Win talent identification and transfer program.

The Pathways program of activities can be found here

Gymnastics Australia has the following staff focussed on this area: