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The Advanced Coach Accreditation

Gymnastics Australia are pleased to announce an Advanced Extended Pathway as an alternative route to gaining an Advanced Coach Accreditation. Please click here for more information.

Intermediate Coach Accreditation for Cheerleading

Please click here for information for Clubs and Coaches released in June 2015.

Coach Education Framework

The following changes have been made to the Coach Education Framework.

  • Intermediate Bronze has been removed from the Framework – The third level of accreditation is now called Advanced. The content in the Advanced Course is very similar to the intended content for Intermediate Bronze.
  • High Performance and High Performance Gold have joined to create a High Performance (Gold) category – A coach gains a high performance accreditation by completing a FIG Level 3 Course. A coach can add Gold to their accreditation by having an athlete finish top 8 at World or Olympic Games1.
  • Master has been separated from the pathway – It is not an accreditation but an honorary title. It is awarded for coaching an athlete to a top three position at World or Olympic Games1.
  • Three levels of VET sector qualifications have been removed – It is currently not possible to add additional gymnastics specific units of competency to the training package to allow the delivery of Certificate III Sport Coaching or higher.

As a consequence of the changes made above, GA is in the process of updating iMIS records as follows:

  • All Intermediate Bronze coaches will receive an Advanced Coach Accreditation
  • Some Advanced Coaches (WAG,MAG, GfA, TUM and AER) will receive an Advanced Silver Accreditation
  • Some High Performance Gold coaches will be lowered to High Performance 

The Coach Education Framework and Accreditation Policy is a detailed document with all the information you may need to know about coach accreditation.

For the detailed information on eligibility for Master and High Performance (Gold) please see the Coach Education Framework and Accreditation Policy.

What can I coach in the gym?

For information on what can be coached in the gym click here.

What can I coach at competition?

For information on what can be coached in at competition click here.


There are a number of documents to provide you with information about accreditations, course content and syllabus. 

Beginner and Intermediate Coach Accreditation

GA is in the process of reviewing the Beginner Coach Accreditation which includes the Intermediate Pre-Course Workbook. Feedback has been received from participants, coaches, Clubs, Presenters and Assessors, Supervisors and State and Territory Associations. Once this process is complete all Clubs will be advised of changes.