Affiliation Benefits - Insurance


Gymnastics Australia offers access to the National Risk Protection Programme which provides a set of insurance policies for different membership categories at a nationally negotiated rate.

The coverage provided under the Programme comprises:

  • general liability;

  • management liability; and

  • personal accident.

Gymnastics Australia's Insurance Web site- provides an outline of the National Risk Protection Programme.

Please read through the information to ensure you understand the coverage provided.

All of the insurance policies provided through the National Risk Protection Programme are for gymnastics activities only.


Further information

For additional guidance on the application of the National Risk Protection Programme to some specialist club activities refer to the following Information Sheets:

Club Activities (birthday parties, holiday camps/programs, casual/trial classes, dance classes, off-site demonstrations)

Working with Schools (including school visits and the Sporting Schools program)

Understanding Your Insurance 


Monthly Club Communications 

E-Communications (E-Comms) were implemented in July 2015. They are a short sharp message regarding risk and insurance sent monthly to Affiliated Clubs as a reminder about Clubs' insurance coverage under the Gymnastics Australia National Insurance Programme.

To date, the following topics have been sent to Clubs:


Public Liability 

Registration & Insurance 

General Program 


Non-Medicare Medical 

KinderGym Carers          

Club Volunteers          

Workers' Compensation

Management Liability Insurance 
Technical Member Insurance   
Personal Injury Insurance   

Duty of Care

Personal Injury Upgrades 

How to Claim 

KinderGym Siblings  National Risk Protection
Programme Coverage

As of May 2017, Gymnastics Australia started to develop insurance Case Studies in conjunction with JLT to assist Clubs in understanding the scope of their cover:

Travel Insurance for members

Travel insurance for members

Gymnastics Australia (GA) is pleased to offer access for Affiliated Clubs to GA’s Travel Insurance as arranged by JLT Sport. This is in addition to the existing covers available in the extensive National Risk Protection Programme.

Whilst GA's current Programme covers Members for Personal Accident Insurance in Australia, access to Travel Insurance will provide cover for a range of risks that may otherwise be limited when competing in international events. Three of these are listed below:

  1.      Medical Expenses;

  2.      Luggage and Personal Effects; and

  3.      Missed Transport Connections

One of the most significant benefits associated with GA’s Travel Insurance Policy is that it covers 'Participation'. Many other travel policies strictly exclude sports participation; therefore, if you were injured whilst participating in a gymnastics event overseas, you may be unable to claim on your travel insurance. With participation included, the GA Travel Policy is better suited to a gymnastics tour. This is a substantial and unique benefit for affiliated Clubs who have previously struggled to find appropriate and comparable insurance when travelling.


It is very important that Clubs understand the process for placement of Travel Insurance as it is outlined as follows:

  1.      Download the Tour Endorsement and Travel Insurance Application Form* (as below);

  2.      Complete all relevant details as requested

  3.      Submit the Form to GA (decision of endorsement may take up to two weeks);

Upon endorsement:

  1.      GA will provide a quote directly to the individual/Club/State Association Member for Travel Insurance;

  2.      Club confirms quote and placement of cover and pays premium prior to travel

* All Applications for Travel Insurance must first be endorsed by GA. All Clubs/State applicants should also note GA's Club-Program Tour Guidelines, as provided below.

Please note: Before entering into an insurance contract with a general insurer, please ensure you are aware of the policy wordings, terms and conditions. For a full description please visit the JLT Sport website 


Tour Endorsement and Travel Insurance Application Form

Club-Tour Program Guidelines