Aerobic Gymnastics Award Recipients

As one of the recognised Gymsports within Gymnastics it is important that the gymnasts, coaches, and clubs working hard to ensure success within Aerobic Gymnastics are recognised for their contributions and achievements. The Annual National Aerobic Gymnastics Awards are designed to do just that - recognise Aerobic Gymnastics members for their outstanding achievements, contributions and dedication to the sport.

Year Senior International Athlete of the Year Age Group Athlete of the Year Levels Athlete of the Year  International Coach of the Year Levels Coach of the Year Official of the Year Special Recognition Award
 2017 Deborah Greenbaum

 Nina Iafrate
Olivia-Jane Osborne (WA) Loreto Toorak
Gymnastics Club (VIC)
Loreto Toorak Gymnastics Club (VIC) Amy Van Krimpen (NSW) Matthew Van Krimpen
 2016   Deborah Greenbaum (NSW)  Elian Jabbour (NSW)  Eleri John (WA) Samantha Elkington (WA)   Caitlin Murphy (VIC)  Pam Behan (NSW)  Liz Lyons (QLD)
 2015  Annabel Muttdon (VIC) Elizabeth Kidane (NSW)   Loreto - Jenna Flack, Angela McMillan (VIC) Priscilla Pickering (QLD) Pam Behan (NSW) Mahala Klotz (NSW),
AeroDance Loreto (VIC), Amy Behan (QLD)
2014 Annabel Muttdon
Deborah Greenbaum (NSW)   Kerryn Cormick (VIC)
Jenna Flack (VIC)
Pam Behan (NSW) Judith Gillen (VIC) -
2013 - Cairo Leicester (WA)   Chris Behan (QLD) Jodi Sleaford (QLD) Pam Behan (NSW)  -
2012 Senior Aerodance Team: Chelsea Carroll,
Samantha Elkington, Zoe Tisdale,
Samantha Kulkura, Suzi Price,
Emma Davies, Catriona Cowden (WA)
Cairo Leicester (WA)   Trudi Nurse (WA) Jenna Flack (VIC) Liz Lyons (QLD) Kerryn Cormick (VIC)
2011 Kieran Gorman (WA) Cairo Leicester (WA)   Trudi Nurse (WA) Pricilla Pickering (QLD) Liz Lyons (QLD) Carolyn Warren (QLD), Kerryn Cormick (VIC)
2010 Kieran Gorman (WA) Chelsea Carroll (WA)   Trudi Nurse (WA) Jodi Sleaford (QLD) Liz Lyons (QLD) -
2009 Kieran Gorman (WA) Chelsea Carroll (WA)   Trudi Nurse (WA) Kerryn Cormick (VIC) Liz Lyons (QLD) -
2008 Kieran Gorman (WA) Martin Warren (QLD)   Trudi Nurse (WA) Liz Lyons (QLD) Mahala Klotz (NSW)
2007 Kieran Gorman (WA) Martin Warren (QLD)   Kerryn Cormick (VIC) - Tina Graham (NSW) -
2006 Kieran Gorman (WA) Martin Warren (QLD)   Trudi Nurse (WA) - Liz Lyons (QLD) -
2005 Kieran Gorman (WA) (WA - Trio)
Eloise Kane
Samantha Rowney
Emma Davies

Martin Warren (QLD)
  Trudi Nurse (WA) - Pam Behan (QLD) -
2004 Chris Behan (NSW) Kieran Gorman (WA)   Trudi Nurse (WA)
Anthony Ikin (QLD)
- Pam Behan (NSW) -
2003 Lauren Farry (NSW) Kieran Gorman (WA)   Trudi Nurse (WA) - Libby Howard (NSW) -
2002 Lauren Farry (NSW) Sandi Carmichael (SA)   Trudi Nurse (WA) - Carolyn Diakoumis (NSW) -
2001 Stuart Fisher (WA) Chris Behan (NSW)   Kerryn Cormick (VIC) - Rebecca Rowe (VIC) -

The commitment and support shown by all of the above coaches, leaders, clubs and administrators has been outstanding and the National Awards bestowed on each is only a small token of the sports' thanks for this dedication. Congratulations to all.

Award Criteria

Please consult the Technical Regulations relevant to the year of competition, under the tab 'About Us', then 'By Laws, Policies and Technical Regulations'.