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Strategic Plan

The Women's Gymnastics committee with various sub-committees work to a four year Strategic Plan, which is pre-endorsed by Gymnastics Australia's Board of Management.

The four year plan is prepared via an extensive review, evaluation and consultation process co-ordinated within the Women's Gymnastics program area. This process begins in the final year of a business cycle (ie: 2012 for the 2013 - 2016 plan). The draft document is then presented to Gymnastics Australia's Board of Management, prior to key elements being presented to the Sport Program members for approval.

This planning process, which is adopted by all Gymsports, ensures that while each Gymsport is working towards their own unique outcomes and targets they are also contributing to the overall achievement of Gymnastics Australia's Vision, Mission and Goals.

Click here to view Gymnastics Australia's Vison and Strategic Plan.

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