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GAMW3000 Women's National Physical Testing Program (NPTP) NEW!!! $33.00
The aim of the National Physical Testing Program (NPTP) is to provide support for the National Development Program (NDP) Level 1 – 6 and the National Levels Program (NLP) Level 7 – 10 in the form of a graded assessment structure to monitor the strength and flexibility development of gymnasts relative to their skill and competition level.

This program will allow coaches to monitor the progress and development of the physical preparation of their gymnasts to ensure this mirrors the needs of the gymnasts’ developmental level.

The testing elements and structure requires minimal equipment.

The program is divided into 3 testing divisions (Levels 1-3, 4-6 & 7-10).

Included in the program are:
  • Score program for each test
  • Testing sheets
  • Certificates
Women's National Levels Program 2009 - 2012 AUDIO CD (Version 2, March 2011) 

The Women's National Program 2009 - 2012 Audio CD includes music for NDP Level 2 & 3 only.
Women's National Program 2009 - 2012 Manual  (Version 2, March 2011) (Printed and Bound)

The Women's National Program Manual has now been updated for 2009 - 2012 and includes the following:
  • National Development Program Levels 1 -  3
  • National Development Program Levels 4 - 6
  • National Levels Program Levels 7 - 10
The Women's National Program has been structured with the view of providing the National Stream gymnasts with both a challenging and attainable system. This program is both a developmental and a competition program. The emphasis in Levels 1 - 3 is on developing good technique; Levels 4 - 6 are a stepping stone for the development of optional routines in Level 7 - 10.

The philosophy for the manual is "to provide a nationally supported program that provides appropriate pathways, which allows gymnasts, irrespective of their ability, to develop to their full potential."

Please note
There will be no CD produced for this version of the manual.

Women's Gymnastics National Program Manual Online
Technical Members and affiliated Clubs who have purchased the previous versions of the Women's National Program Manual and or CD can gain online access to all new releases during 2010-2012 period.

Click here and log in to access the most up to date Women's Gymnastics National Program Manual.

Only available to
Technical Members
& Affiliated Clubs
Women's Gymnastics - International Development Program (IDP) Two Disc Set (Version 2, November 2009)

The new version of the International Development Program resource contains updated versions of the IDP routines 3-10, along with the new routines for IDP Levels 1 & 2.
All judging deductions for IDP Levels 3-8 which were outlined during the competition season 2009 have now been incorporated into the text.  The resource, which includes a DVD of routines, is the most thorough outline detailing Women's International development produced by Gymnastics Australia.

This resource contains routines for International Level 1 - 10. The resource contains include text for the routines complete with judging deductions, music for the floor routines and routine samples. These routines are now the current international routines Australia wide.


Women's International Development Program Online
Technical Members and affiliated Clubs who have purchased the previous versions of the Women's Gymnastics - International Development Program (IDP) CD can gain online access to all the updates.

Click here and log in to access the most up to date Women's Gymnastics - International Development Program (IDP).

Only available to Technical Members
& Affiliated Clubs
Women's Gymnastics - Team Future IDEAL Skills Program CD-ROM  (Version 3, 2010)

"Only available to affiliated Australian clubs and currently registered Technical Members"
The IDEAL Skills CD-ROM is a support resource to accompany each stage of WAG High Performance development from NDP 1A right through to Junior International.  It provides programs with a useful coaching tool - a 'syllabus' of skills linked to gymnastics development and age. The CD-ROM contains guidelines, posters and testing sheets.

Core Stability CD-ROM
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