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RG: Ball, Ribbon & Club Finals

Jump Media and Marketing, Sunday, 2 May 2010

The individual rhythmic gymnastics finishes up today with the ball, ribbon and club apparatus finals.

Continuing her medal winning run, Beijing Olympian Naazmi Johnston has won a further two medals, a silver in ball (25.700) and bronze in ribbon (25.375), to take her impressive overall tally at the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships to six.

Already bagging a gold (hoop – 26.450), two silvers (all around – 101.625, rope – 25.850) and bronze (team – 354.200), the 21-year-old has wrapped up an extremely impressive four days of competition.

Russian twin Elena Romanchenko finished on top of the dais in both the ball (26.050) and ribbon (26.100) apparatus finals this afternoon, wrapping up the competition with all but two of the gold medals up for grabs.


Lourenca Agla (CAN): Beautiful flowing opening to her routine.  Penchee turn - three rotations, drop in turning cossack leap, 5x reverse illusion turn are just some of the very complex difficulties in her routine. 21.300.
Ekaterina Voitik (RUS): Divine turning split arch leap, nice elbow stand combination with ball in knee down to her back, good cover on her late finish. 24.025.
Haocong Yu (CHN): Dynamic routine, late finish but no major errors. 22.825.
Anna Chernysheva (RUS): Great acro flip to catch in knees, srtong penchee turn, some throws went in a different direction than expected. 23.925.
Wong Poh San (MAS): Nice clean routine, skills suited her ability. 22.950.
Wenwen Wang (CHN): Beautiful control with 3x penchee turn, stumble in back balance back scale and did not complete skill. 22.400.
Amy Kwan (MAS): Small loss with with catch in her knees, good elevation with split arch leap, great back balance back scale combination.  Fall to knees from penchee turn. 22.875.
Maria Kitkarska (CAN): Nice European 'feel', very solid, beautiful routine. 23.625.



Ekaterina Voitik (RUS): Small loss early on and another loss in her ball roll catch, otherwise a god routine. 23.925.
Wenwen Wang (CHN): Nice rond de jambre balance, good routine. 21.775.
Haocong Yu (CHN): Weight on club in penchee turn but very nice movement through her torso and upper body/arms.  Nice variation in planes of handling, a little late in the finish. 23.125.
Taylor Tirahardjo (AUS): Loss in walkover to arch on floor, very elegant routine made by the 'Nessun Dorma' music piece. 21.200.
Maria Kitkarska (CAN): Groovy little routine - good expression.  Fell forward on penchee balance, few problems. 22.300.
Amy Kwan (MAS): Loss of one club, good routine. 23.225.
Anna Chernysheva (RUS): Loss of one club, nice last throw of two clubs from foot in walkover. 21.700.
Ismahani Mardihah Mornie (RUS): Good routine, drop free. 21.500.



Demetra Mantcheva (CAN): Backing up just two routines after her ribbon.  Nice three walkover throw, few two-handed catches, nice cossack pivot to finish. 23.200.
Kimberley Robson (NZL): Loss in roll up back shadowed a solid routine. 22.100.
Janine Murray (AUS): Big tick for her cossack pivot up to attitude pivot.  Nice extended arms in roll series and excellent routine until she missed her last leap. 22.275.
Keziah Oliver (NZL): Front horizontal to passe turn - six rotations.  Loss with last throw, finishing routine without apparatus as ball rolled out of area. 21.550.
Naazmi Johnston (AUS): Attitude pivot - 4 rotations, catch into 5 illusions to rethrow, speedy chaine throws. 25.700.
Elena Romanchenko (RUS): Nice eye contact with judges.  Glorious catch into back scale pivot immediately to back balance.  Very small loss. 26.050.
Alexandra Martincek (CAN): Nice two rotations through splits for last throw, ball bounced off knees unintentionally but capture to finish strongly. 23.550.
Albina Sabitova (RUS): Beautiful fagile look about her even with her strength of movement. Minor issues with her risk roll on the body in illusion and roll on body on floor at the end. 24.825.


Elena Romanchenko (RUS): Looking strong today. Great movement around the floor, 4x reverse illusion, great elevation and shape in turnign stag arch leap.  Artistry will be high - great routine. 26.100.
Enid Sung (AUS): Drop on pullback throw and a second loss, wobbly on penchee turn.  Nice power in her movements around the floor just a little uncertain in some of her throws. 20.000.
Albina Sabitova (RUS): Nice front horizontal to penchee turn, good timing through routine with a great last throw combination. 25.600.
Mareana Rademakers (NZL): A confident performance with a loss on her stag leap toss and ribbon slightly brushing on her body. 21.250.
Alexandra Martincek (CAN): Good control with most of her turns, loss from turning leap throw, an out of area and another loss with her last toss. 22.650.
Keziah Oliver (NZL): First horizontal turn almost four rotations, good expression with arms and upper body, loss in double chaine roll, large step on front scale turn,small tangle with catch from double roll and late finish. 21.725.
Naazmi Johnston (AUS): Very catchy, funky music. 3x penchee pivot, attitude pivot so perfect it nearly stopped on balance, very solid catches from all throw and a fantastic ending. 25.375.
Demetra Mantcheva (CAN): Strong heavy music with confident and energetic performance to match.  Threw ribbon out of area with foot, think she had the same problem in all around competition. 22.200.



Taylor Tirahardjo (AUS): Ball - Strong affinity to emotional ball routine, long lines and nice upper body expression.  Missed penchee turn but good routine. 21.325. Clubs - see final.
Fontini Panselinos (AUS): Ball - Nice double chaine to catch strongly in feet, drop from roll along arms but quite a tricky and complex routine. 18.375. Clubs - Strong expression on the floor, no drops. 19.400.

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