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RG: All around competition (Ball, Clubs & Ribbon)

Naazmi Johnston puts together a fantastic final ribbon routine
Jump Media and Marketing, Friday, 30 April 2010

The Rhythmic all-around and team competition concludes tonight with the ball, club and ribbon apparatus.

In encouraging news ahead of the Commonwealth Games, Australia’s No 1 rhythmic gymnast Naazmi Johnston has secured the silver all-around medal, behind Russia’s Elena Romanchenko (101.975). The result equals Australia’s best ever individual all around result at Pacific Rim Championships with Kristy Darrah also winning silver at the Pacific Alliance in 1996.

Spectacular routines with both the rope (25.575) and the hoop (26.100) saw Johnston hit the lead after the first night of competition, the 21-year-old bravely attempting to hold off a Russian comeback over the final two apparatus.

After a minor drop in her ball routine (24.675) earlier this evening, Johnston recovered to apply the pressure on Romanchenko with a stunning ribbon routine (25.275).  But the Russian was up to the task posting a impressive 25.850 with the rope to win the coveted all around gold medal.  Her twin Olga Romanchenko finish third with 99.050.

Russia has had a international stranglehold on rhythmic gymnastics over the past few years, dominating the past two major championships bagging a bounty of gold medals at both the 2009 world championships (six of a possible seven gold medals) and 2008 Beijing Olympics (two out of a possible two gold medals).

But Johnston showed no intimidation, her growing confidence following an impressive performance that saw her finish as the highest ranked individual (38th) in Australian history, again overtaking Darrah (43rd), at last year’s world championships evident in her routines and reflected in the judges’ scores.

“I am really happy with the result.  I wasn’t expecting to take out a medal so I was really pleased.  And to know that I have equaled the best Australian performance at a Pacific Rim Championships gives me even more motivation to know I am on the right track,” Johnston said.

“Most of my routines went really well.  I had a little drop with the ball on an easy skill so that routine can be a little cleaner in the apparatus finals.”

Jae Eun Ji (KOR)

Ball: Unusual haunting music, seemed a little nervous resulting in two small losses.  A lot of two-handed catches and a basic routine resulted in a score of 16.425.
Clubs: Two losses. A score of 17.400.

Katrina Cameron (CAN)

Clubs: A much stronger start than last night with a very tight and controlled routine.  A character-filled routine with one small drop.  19.875.
Ball: A little tentative with her movements but a solid 21.150.

Young Ryeon Yoo (KOR)

Ball: Clean routine to the Beatles. 18.600.
Clubs: Small drop, simple routine resulting in a score of 16.425.

Lourenca Alga (CAN)

Clubs: Great confident routine with a perfect cossack pivot combination and extremely high 'butterfly'. 20.100.
Ball: Loss from elbow stand but fabulous 5x illusion, 5x crossack pivot combo and 5x b/w illusion.  21.425.

Jihyun Lim (KOR)

Ball: Nice expression and musicality, two minor drops resulting in a 18.500.
Clubs: A loss in her double chainee and a late finish costign her a higher score. 18.275.

Maria Kitkarska (CAN)

Clubs: Entertaining routine with great expression through her body work.  Fantastic coassack turn, but two small drops.  21.875.
Ball: Beautiful rolling section on the floor, very emotional and gorgeous work. Just caught her chaine roll and dropped her last throw. 23.000.

Hye Yeong Jang (KOR)

Ball: Solid, clean but basic routine with lots of two-handed catches. 19.725
Clubs: Interesting 'scatting' music.  Great height in throws. 18.725.

Clara Bernier (CAN)

Ribbon: Lots of snakes in her ribbon patterns, tangle in back balance disrupted her confidence for the remainder of the routine and finished with a small drop. 21.175.
Ball:Not her day with a large loss and out of area (apparatus and gymnast) Had a nice penchee turn but routine faded towards the end. 20.550.

Aejung Park (KOR)

Ball: Solid routine with great height in her throws. 17.200.
Ribbon: Struggled to control the routine.  Major knot in the ribbon. 17.275.

Alexandra Martincek (CAN)

Ribbon: Good pivots, miscatch and tangle in illusion, ribbon hit beam in ceiling resulting in a drop at the conclusion of the routine. 21.775.
Ball: Can count her lucky stars.  Large loss and OOA but music glitch allowed her a second attempt at routine.  Much better strong, determine performance with no drops the second time around. 22.550.

Dayen Kang (KOR)

Ball: Rough routine with three drops, will be hoping to recompose for her second routine of the evening. 18.000.
Ribbon: Not her night.  A miscatch led to a small tangle and them large tangle. 19.175.

Demetra Mantcheva (CAN)

Ribbon: Very strong beginning to her routine but then the ribbon got away from her landing outside of the floor area. 21.175.
Ball: Another out of area shadows a good routine. 22.850.

Samantha Lim (AUS)

Ball: Made a great comeback after a shaky start last night.  Strong routine.  18.150.
Clubs: Good routine.  Loss from double chaine roll and misjudged last catch. 17.925.

Ashleigh O'Neill (NZL)

Clubs: Energetic routine and fought hard to keep the routine working all the way to the end.  Two small drops. 15.975.
Ball: Withdrew with back problems.

Marian Barer (AUS)

Ball: Showed beautiful emotion throughout the routine but had a large loss on the double roll. 119.625.
Clubs: Love the music! So quirky. Very confident and energetic performance. Great routine with a minor fumble at the end. 19.475

Maeve Cudmore (NZL)

Clubs: Great flexibility but struggled with the handling of the clubs.  Two small drops. 16.450.
Ball: Another tango - Popular stuff! Loss in chaine roll, otherwise a solid routine. 17.125.

Taylor Tirahardjo (AUS)

Ball: Beautiful music and a great unheld high cossack balance.  One small loss but good routine. 20.250.
Clubs: Cannot miss with Puccini! Nice movement around floor, stronger performance than ball. 20.575.

Amelia Coleman (NZL)

Clubs: Small loss at the start of the routine but recovered and is a great performer to watch. 17.850.
Ball: Loss from catch behind back and another loss to complete the routine. 18.725.

Enid Sung (AUS)

Ball: Started strongly and and very condifent for a gymnast in her first senior year.  Suffered a big loss at the end of the routine and will be dissapointed with 19.650.
Ribbon: Very cute, cheeky face that captures audience and judges. Great control of her flexibility, but missed her last throw. 20.925.

Kimberley Robson (NZL)

Ribbon: Put together a great routine until a drop on the last throw. 18.175.
Ball: Recovered to deliver a strong performance. 21.550.

Janine Murray (AUS)

Ball: Fast dynamic performer.  Great cossack pivot combination.  Small los at the end of the routine. 20.400.
Ribbon: Confident performer with gorgeous turns. Progressive to cossack and cossask to passe impressive but a drop and tangle with affect her score despite a strong finish. 20.600.

Mereana Rademakers (NZL)

Ribbon: Great charisma across the floor.  Two small drops in her illusion and at the end of her routine. 19.625.
Ball: Lacking a bit of confidence.  Suffered a small loss at the start on floor and fumbled catches. 19.650.

Naazmi Johnston (AUS)

Ball: Perfect routine until the penchee turn.  Ball dropped from her shoulders, she chasedand recovered to finish with 24.675.
Ribbon: Penchee pivot - never ending goodness! Great creativity in the dance movements. fantastic routine. 25.275.

Keziah Oliver (NZL)

Ribbon:  A small tangle worsened into a large knot towards the end of her routine dramatically affecting her score. 19.538.
Ball: The very experinced, confident, cool, calm and collected performer recovered well after her ribbon routine with just one small loss. 20.050.

Wong Poh San (MAS)

Ball: Returned strongly on the second evening of competition to post a 21.150 for her first routine.
Clubs: Steady final routine. 20.050.

Shuyi He (CHN)

Clubs: Great body technician and a good routine. 20.800.
Ball: Steady routine until a drop at the end. 20.550.

Ismahani Mardihah Mornie (MAS)

Ball: One small drop early on in the routine but recovered to finish with a great catch in the back of her legs on the floor. 20.500.
Clubs: Solid routine with a slight hands down in penchee turn. 21.075.

Yili Wang (CHN)

Clubs:Solid routine and favourite amongst those watching. 18.700.
Ball: Another good routine with an interesting catch by landing on it in a chest cartwheel. 21.100.

Amy Kwan (MAS)

Ball: Nice timing into the catch in back roll, small run after throw in leap.  Very nice routine. 22.775.
Clubs: Good strong balance shapes in a drop free routine. 23.675.

Haocong Yu (CHN)

Clubs: One small drop, solid routine. 21.800.
Ball: Fabulous routine, cool music. Penche turn very smooth and very high throws. 23.100.

Anna Chernysheva (RUS)

Ball: Looks like a baby version of world champion Tchatchina.  Good routine, difficult risks but missed the last three elements in her routine. 22.725.
Clubs: Fabulous, solid, flexible balance shapes. Funky dance. One very small, very minor loss. 21.775.

Wen Wen Wang (CHN)

Clubs: Solid routine, one of few without a drop. 21.525.
Ball: Another steady routine, she held together for a much better performance tonight. 22.200.

Irina Kulich (RUS)

Ball:Two small losses but nice routine with beautiful legs. 21.825.
Clubs: Three losses, may be getting a little bit tired. Very nice back acro with switch of legs and arch. 21.750.

Ekaterina Voytik (RUS)

Ball: Very emotive performance, gorgeous slow cossack pivot - very controlled.  Small losses resulting in a 22.450 score.
Clubs: Full of character, expressive & impressive routine.  A class above the rest. 24.475.

Albina Sabitova (RUS)

Ball: One small loss at the start but a very beautiful routine.  Wonderful use of arms and upper body, one of few to show this kind of extension. 24.675.
Ribbon: Ribbon work a little soft but still drop free. Interesting to note that her highest D1 skill is only a 1.2 fouette pivot (JM of AUS has a 2.2 value comb pivot). 24.725.

Olga Romanchenko (RUS)

Ball: Fabulous back scale turn - great control and sustained shape.  Very full routine with great large flowing movements.  Dropped the ball on the very last note of music and watched it as it rolled away on her final pose. 24.675.
Ribbon: Groovy start with ribbon on her forehead (ala Bessonova), fumbly catch after quick thinking pulllback throw that was way too close to the boundary. small loss when she smacked the sticked away when it was in the air. 23.850

Elena Romanchenko (RUS)

Ball: Very nive turning back scale, great dynamic routine with no losses.  The best ball routine of the evening. 25.900.
Ribbon: Beautiful routine to finish the evening.  Delivered under pressure. 25.850

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